Some kind of faint darkness evolved into a friendly shade which covered me in question of seconds. At the beginning I felt apprehension, trepidation. So I closed my eyes in a failed attempt of scape from this delusion.

When I opened my eyes I couldn’t see anything more than dark silhouettes wagging behind my pupils. I carved my eyes trying to clear my view and the shapes stopped their moving. My flickering knees attempted taking a step but I had to wait for a while before walking through the gloomy passageway.

The walls showed memories from long time ago and I had never brought them back to my mind. As well there were empty slots, I was sure these gaps belonged to the most hidden remembrances. At the end of the aisle there were an abstruse stair, all but impossible.

Before arrive to the stairs, I could notice an uncommon door, the wood looked splintered, nevertheless, the knob looked very bright just like if they had just put it. I looked directly at the lock, it looked different, as if it needed a special key, then I thought to stick my hand in one of my pockets and the key was there.

Once inside, I walked a little being cautious because everything was dark. I stumbled upon something, it was a box, an old wooden box. As I could not see anything, I decided to carry it to the passageway where there were more rays of light. There were some things older than the box itself. A strange stuffed toy on a cart, some photographs, letters, a couple of records, a notebook with broken cover and some books.

In the bottom of the box was an open book, I took it and looked at small pictures, it looked just like the drawings of a children’s story. A little girl approached her grandfather for answers to questions worthy of her age and he answered as best he could. Interested in this story, I closed the book and noticed that the years had gone by that piece, but was complete. I could see that the title said: Planet Little Ball.

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